Boards: Charcuterie, Cutting or Carving

Cutting Boards Are One of Those Kitchen Essentials We All Take For Granted.

Think about how often you use a cutting board and don't give it a second thought.  Chances are that you rely on a cutting board each and every time you prepare a meal.  Most of us would be lost without a clean and reliable cutting board for making a a simple sandwich, cutting fruit, chopping veggies, serving cheese or carving meat.

Wooden Boards in So Many Materials, Grain Styles, Sizes and Shapes.

Talk about diversity! You can find a specialty cutting board for just about any kitchen job.  The most basic boards are best for light slicing and dicing and often are used for serving boards for presenting cheese & crackers or other assorted appetizers.  Basic cutting boards are typically less than 2 inches thick.

Tackling a Juicy Cut of Meat? Then You Need An Added Feature.

Some cutting boards come with really convenient juice grooves. These are channels cut into the surface of the board that collects the juice of the meat.  This helps keep things from getting messy, and the juice they preserve can be recycled into a gravy. 

Reversible Cutting Boards Can Last Twice As Long.

At least in theory, boards that feature two cutting surfaces, one on each side of the board, should last longer, provided you take good care of the board.  The added advantage is that during  food prep, once you have used one side, you can flip the board for another prep with a clean and pristine surface.

Care For Your Boards Created By Us.

 A food grade mineral oil has been applied to your board during the manufacturing process and again after engraving.  Before using your new board for the first time, please use a clean, lint free cloth to apply a fresh coast of mineral oil to all sides of your board and allow 24 hours for the oil to fully penetrate the wood and allow to dry.

After Each Use: Wash with warm soapy water and towel dry.  Do not submerge any portion of the cutting board in standing water and do not place in dishwasher.

Every 3-6 months:  Apply a fresh coat of mineral oil to help prevent drying or cracking.